SkinGASM Releases SINS

Holy fucking shit, it’s out! SINS by SkinGASM was released on Bandcamp, and arrives with not just one, but two psychedelic films to choose from. The cray and the cray cray.

This album works as a stream of conscious, ego-shattering environment designed to get lost in. It features noise, drum and bass, more noise, ambient, sound design, distorted bass, and experimental glitch beats. Study music, if you’re studying how to dissolve.

Get all 42 minutes as it was meant in two tracks, or split into 11 pieces. The choice is yours!

Visit to listen and order, or the main site at


I/O: camo is Experimental Music at it’s Highest & Heaviest

IO Releases Experimental Music Single

IO’s first release: “camo” is an experimental live drum and bass release, featuring elements from a variety of genres including jazz, noise, and hardcore.

“camo” has been described as tribal future alien music, which is apt considering how the electronic based production track drifts between mesmerizing rhythmic passages articulated with speaker melting bass hits that bring out the metal head in all of us.

Now available on BandCamp:


Skin Vehicles + ANEURGASM = SkINgaSm

A new audio-visual psychedelic extravaganza is underway at

Be sure to follow Skin Vehicles on IG @skinvehicles


▯▯▯ ▯▯▯ ▯▯▯▯▯

Glitched out 90’s rave and post hardcore climaxing all over this track.

These tracks were released as singles throughout 2022, and collectively released along with versions received after quantum splitting occured.

There are 4 takes on this special release, each with a different vibe referencing the original from a different sonic / psychological vantage point.

▯▯▯ ▯▯▯ ▯▯▯▯▯ is available here:


Music Music Release News

VORE WHORE Released on SoundCloud, BandCamp

Well fuckin’ shit it’s that time of the year again- April twentieth, twenty twenty something. Hash Wednesday.

To celebrate, here is some overly bassed out experimental noise, drum and bass, electronica, a little track called Vore Whore.

Vore Whore is available on BandCamp and SoundCloud:

Vore Whore is also available on Spotify here:

The Vore Whore single is available on Spotify:


Experimental DnB Album scumflower on Bandcamp

scumflower, the experimental drum and bass conceptless concept album from ANEURGASM, has been released on bandcamp. It has been split into 8 tracks clocking in at a full 21 minutes and 45 seconds of sonic distortion and manipulation.

scumflower encompasses a variety of genres and moods, including grindcore inspired breakbeats pummeling your earhole over dystopian waves of distortion, lofi hiphop, ambient, noise, house, and more.


Acid Tape: Experimental Psy-Ambient Noise Mix

Psy-Ambient Music

2700 seconds of psy-ambient noise, space dub rhythms, and uncompressed, highly dynamic decibel levels to penetrate your ears with. Acid Tape is composed of multiple experimental noise soundscapes and glitched audio stitched into a single sonic experience.

Acid Tape Visual

Low-fi visual of the Acid Tape below SoundCloud link. Try hitting play and staring why don’t you. How long can you last?

Aneurgasm - Acid Tape - Visualizer


Awake for Years: Heavy Psychedelic Acid Breakbeats

The psychedelic acid track “Awake for Years” hits like a wave of dirty acid slowly dripping through perpetually rearranging layers of space, distortion, patterns, shifting ambience and chaos.

The tonal shifts represent the accumulation of space debris that has landed in Miami swamps between 1969 and 2040. The debris has a 97.3% correlation with twilight mutation sightings. I really can’t say any more about this, do your research.


HELP! Trapped In a Burning Weed Forest

This is a little embarrassing. But I think it’s time to talk about my first ANEURGASM.

Trapped in a Burning Weed Forest Concept

Trapped in a Burning Weed Forest was the first song released under ANEURGASM, and is what I would delicately describe as hentai ASMR turbo grind hijacked from 2069.

How to Listen to Trapped in a Burning Weed Forest

Trapped in a Burning Weed Forest was designed using hyper ASMR frequencies in the context of a relapsing hardcore sound design breakdown. It is highly recommend listening in pure stereo (headphones are euphoric) with your sub turned to 420 for full effect.

A new version of Trapped in a Burning Weed Forest will also be featured on a special upcoming sound collection with several other tracks in a free, long, hard, ambient doom, cyber-erotic face melting type of way to curl your ear toes.


Glitch Phantom Version 3 Desktop Background ​

Glitch Phantom Desktop Wallpaper

Pretty Colors

All the pretty colors of the upcoming special release track Glitch Phantom 3 here for your downloading pleasure.

Glitch Phantom 3 will be officially released July 17th, 2021.